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HR Book Review: Just Listen—Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone by Mark Goulston

Executives often feel frustrated when trying to communicate their ideas. They sometimes experience resistance from the people they need cooperation ...
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The HR Techvolution is here

The HR Techvolution

HR is undergoing a change. Not just a small one, but a fundamental seismic shift—a Techvolution. Traditional HR is being ...
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Training to go

Training to go

Responding to changing employee learning patterns, especially those amongst Millennials, offers great opportunities for innovative HR professionals. Apps in particular ...
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Better Brand...Better Talent

Better brand…Better talent

Creating a compelling employee value proposition A golden opportunity to increase employee engagement, attract and retain top talent and even ...
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People Analytics with Kellie Egan

People analytics help businesses make better decisions

As HR becomes more and more integrated into the business functions of organisations, leaders are recognising the power of data ...
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Star Service HR

Hang Lung’s talent development successes as headcount doubles Janet Poon, General Manager – Human Resources, Hang Lung Properties has been ...
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One in five APAC job applicants submitted false information | HR Features - HR Magazine | HR Online

One in five APAC job applicants submitted false information

More than one in five background checks conducted on job candidates in APAC in 2016 identified inaccuracies in the information ...
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Staying ahead of the tech curve

Stefan Reis, CHRO, SAP explains why HR must grab technology by the horns to engage and retain the best talent ...
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How to make networking less miserable | HR Features - HR Magazine | HR Online

How to make networking less miserable

By Andrew Marder, Small Business Expert, Capterra The worst part of networking is every single part of networking. The free ...
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